Based in Witney, Oxfordshire,  I work with clients across the UK to create bespoke, professional websites designed to meet their business goals.

Davina Miller

My background

A long time ago...

It was back in the late 90s when I accidentally landed my first website-related role as a customer service assistant for a science website. Here I discovered my passion for anything web-related and how to provide a great customer service. Things were a little different back then. There were no smart phones, tablets or super fast broadband and Google was a misspelling of a googol (Google it). With a love of learning for the latest design trends, technologies and best practice I have never looked back.

Professional experience

My professional experience has covered web design, web development, content creation, digital marketing and product management. I have worked across a range of sectors including scientific publishing, banking, Government, academia and healthcare.

Organisations I have worked with

Some key organisations I have worked for include the Royal Bank of Scotland, The Scottish Parliament, OfCom, Pearson, University of Oxford, NHS and Elsevier. Most recently I headed up a team at a web design agency in my hometown of Witney, Oxfordshire, where I had the opportunity to work with many local businesses.

Davina Miller



Professional & Personal

I will work with you directly throughout the project and will always be your point of contact.

Trusted & Transparent

I’m a natural problem-solver and have a strong ethic of trust and transparency.  If there are any challenges around your project I will work with you to find the best solutions.


From the very beginning of your project we explore the goals of your new website, your target customers and how your website’s content and structure can increase conversions.

Social responsibility

As a web designer I have helped local groups, schools and communities create websites in Witney, Oxfordshire.  During lockdown I supported Witney ALBS – a voluntary  group that was set up to provide children with the tools needed for home schooling. I also created the website for one of Oxfordshire’s top running clubs, Witney Roadrunners. Most recently I have been helping with the Upper Thames Hydro community project that aims to provide renewable energy from hydropower plants.

A bit more about me

I’m a South East Londoner living in Oxfordshire. I can type 95 words per minute.  I can play the piano, guitar, cello and ukulele. I sometimes run. I have a family with 2 teenage kids, 2 guinea pigs and a crazy collie.

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