Refresh Your Website

An affordable web design service to tidy up your existing WordPress website, with minimum fuss and a fast turnaround. Book your web designer from just half a day.

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Getting your web design wishlist done

From half a day at £200 we can work through your web design wishlist.

Free Website Audit

I'll carry out a basic website audit to get a good understanding of your website and business.

Free 30 Minute Strategy Call

We go through your wishlist and make recommendations on how you can improve your website to support your business goals and conversions.

A Dedicated Web Designer

Once we've agreed a day to start work on your website wishlist you'll have my undivided attention to work solely on your website.

Davina Miller

Who's this for?

This service is perfect for small start-up businesses who don’t yet have the budget to invest in a full-blown website redesign but need some quick fixes, tweaks and a general tidy up to get their website into better shape.

If you have recently started a new business your website might be at the bottom of your to-do-list and feels more like a burden than a great opportunity to showcase your business. You might have built your website yourself on a shoestring or asked a friend or family member to help you. This service lets you  handover your website to an expert  for a while, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your valuable time.

What types of changes could a website refresh include?

What's the process?

  1. I’ll do a basic audit of your website to get a good understanding of your business and any problem areas on your site.
  2. I’ll then need access to your WordPress dashboard to make sure I’m able to help.
  3. We have a 30 minute strategy call and I help you put together a prioritised list of all the tweaks and changes you would like.
  4. I‘ll work out how long it will take to make the changes you want. If we go over the allotted time I will give you advanced warning, so you can decide if you want to buy more hours.
  5. You prioritise the changes you need that fit within your budget and the goals of your website.
  1. We agree a date to start the changes and keep a record of all the changes and progress made on a shared Google document
  2. Before the start date you send images and any other assets I will need along with a brand/style guide if you have one.
  3. On the day of your website refresh we keep in touch via Whastapp.
  4. When you’re happy with the changes I copy them over to your live website.
  5. You feel confident in promoting your freshened up website!

A Website Refresh Case Study

Louisa Daubney
Time Design Coach

Louisa was feeling frustrated with her website and felt she lacked the time and expertise to spend on updating it.  After a basic audit of the website and a strategy call to prioritise the website updates she needed I spent just a day and a half spread across a week revamping Louisa’s  website to reflect her business needs and branding the way she wanted it.  Louisa had some lovely floral graphics recently made that I was able to add into the design.

We kept in contact throughout our time with regular updates so that I knew she was happy with progress. 

Before Refresh

After Refresh

Louisa Daubney

After becoming frustrated with my lack of time and expertise to give my website the refresh it needed, I was very pleased to leave my website in Davina’s safe and expert hands. Once we had agreed on a list of priority tasks, Davina worked her magic on re-designing the layout of my website pages to make them more attractive to future website visitors. Now I have a website that reflects me and my style and I feel confident about promoting it to my ideal client.

Louisa Daubney, Time Design Coach

Why choose a website refresh?

A website refresh gives you the freedom to chose what changes you need to make to your website based on your budget.

Your website changes will be done within a matter of hours or days, not months.

You know what you want your website to look like but haven’t quite got the skills or time to do it yourself.

You’re halfway there with your website but it’s not really matching up to what you want it to be.