Website Management & Care Plan

A management plan looks after your WordPress website for you, giving it the attention that it deserves. 

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Dedicated and personal support

If you’re managing your own website and feel like you could be spending your time in a more productive and effective way this service is for you. I offer a full website  management plan where we look after your website for you, as if we were an extension of your team,  giving you peace of mind.

You’ll have regular support from your own website designer so you can free up your time to focus on other things.

£70 per month - What's included

 I offer one simple plan with additional hours at a reduced rate and strategy calls bolted on when you need them. 

1 hour of content updates

Benefit from up to an hour dedicated to your website each month. We can update content, create new pages, add blog posts, meta data and more..

green hosting

Websites are hosted with Siteground, on fast, reliable servers, run on renewable energy.

daily back-ups & security

Daily back-ups of your website are made for the last 30 days along with spam protection, built-in security and a free SSL certificate.

ongoing support

We're on hand to help with anything website related. Just drop us an email or give us a call.

software and plugin updates

To keep your website safe WordPress plugins will be updated and tested regularly along with the latest technology updates.

website optimisation

We'll ensure your website is running smoothly by optimising images, files and managing optimisation settings.

Bolt-on hours

£36 p/h

Buy additional hours for the times when you need more than 1 hour of content updates. Hours are charged at a reduced rate of £36 p/h.

30 mins strategy call

£20 per session *

Book a strategy call to receive support on planning for  marketing campaigns, new services, features and more.
*minimum 3 months required

Website management FAQs

Your website is an important marketing platform and acts as a shop window to your business. To be able to feel confident that your website is running smoothly and to hand over content updates and have new pages created by a professional web designer will not only make sure your website continues to look professional but will also help you drive your website visitors to the goals you want to achieve

A hosting provider will host the website for you, normally creating back-up copies of your website and security, but won’t manage the actual workings of the website. Hosting providers will also vary in terms of how fast your website will load, the amount of space you have for files and databases and the bandwidth they provide.  My service provides full management of your website, so that you don’t have to worry about looking after it at all! I host the site with Siteground, a green hosting provider, using premium fast technology and security.

Think of my service as an extension of your team, so you won’t need to spend time updating the webpages or keeping on top of plugin updates and changes yourself but can simply pass the responsibility over to me.

Yes. As long as your website was built on WordPress, meets certain technical requirements and we are able to have full administrator access to your WordPress dashboard, hosting and FTP login details.

No, you can leave at any time . We just require 30 days notice.

Absolutely. You will still have access to your WordPress dashboard and can make your own edits if you need to.

A daily backup is extra security if there was a problem with the website. So if, in the unlikely event, there was a technical issue, or data was accidentally deleted, there will be a complete backup of your website no older than 24 hours.

The servers and the technology involved in hosting websites are normally stored in giant storage warehouses, that require energy to run and to cool the machines. Some hosting providers will use renewable energy to do this, so would be classified as green hosting providers.  You can find out if your host is green or not at the Green Web Foundation

Are you ready to handover your website?

Drop me a message or book a discovery call to get started.